Spl 57[M]-Mei Hua Quan.rpl

woah, moves are perfect. i like your balance and how you walked to Uke at the beginning. nothing more to say, i just want to praise your work, gj!
[HACK] [Replayz]

Thankyou much obilged rnyitcpk.

Been inactive, back now.

I'm hope this replay isn't shit...

New trails btw (Thankyou DatSkip) if anyone want to /dl them =/
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Spl 58[M]-Reboot.rpl (241.1 KB, 27 views)
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A little stiffness here and there, and a few twitches, but overall, sweet replay. I really liked the opener, just there were some sections where it looked like you didn't move anything for 30-50 frames or so, and they took away from the natural-ness of the replay. The back kick was sweet, but I actually prefer the second kick, it was a quick, effortless punt that gave me joy. Gg, glad to see you again!
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Hey, Murc. C:

Your stiffness has gone up, twitching here and there.
You're totally rusty, but still move sexy.
Burn my eyes with your replays again.
Thankyou for pointing that out Sky and Buns. I don't want to burn your eyes Buns. I'm contempt with fluid motion and execution atm.
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Spl 59[M]-Flashbacks.rpl (203.1 KB, 23 views)
The way you got your momentum was pretty generic, but you made it look better than most people. First back kick was awesome, and your recovery was surprisingly great. The second kick was fantastic, despite the extended hip, which is odd when kicking, but you pulled it off and got a lot of power in it. Your pose was one of the best I've seen in a while. Great job!
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I'll have to agree with SkyWhale; the horse stance opener is used quite often by many replay makers. However, coming up with openers is hard and I understand that. They're a pain to come up with.
Anyways, the kick to uke's core was aight, I don't see any way to improve that kick or make it any powerful. But, if you want a harder and stronger hit, I'd suggest position yourself lower to the ground, it'll give you more options and lead into a lot more powerful hits.
However, you did lead into a great maneuver after the kick, making your rotational momentum carry on, which was pretty neat.
The boom kick was pretty nice, nothing too different from what I've seen. Also, nice landing.
You've got good knowledge on mid-air balancing and flowing your movements together nicely. Right now, I'd just say you need to work on making more stylish, or fast-paced replays.
This replay took too long and I lost my patience. I might re-edit it in the future...
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I really liked the way you used your shoulders on that jump setup, but i feel like you were a little too tucked in during the spin in the air. Try and make that transition smoother. Other than that, great replay.