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no re-edit, just took out the skeet.
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Spl 37[M]-Chiraq.rpl (212.6 KB, 8 views)
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Paper Towels is really cool, only major problem is the ghosting, it doesnt look so good if you're trying to be realistic.
And i have the feeling that you use this kind of opener pretty often.
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Your replays are always interesting to watch, i really liked this one, the flow, the spins, everything was pretty decent, specially that breakdance part, but as thee said you need to be careful with ghosting. But indeed it was a great replay, keep the good job sir.
Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
bulldoboy 4 life <3

thankyou for the cnc will work on those mistakes.

Here is my best skeet replay imo I hope yall like it.
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Spl 39[S]-Ninja Star.rpl (74.5 KB, 16 views)
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well thats a really nice skeet maybe a bit close but damn powerful, the movement before the skeet was a bit boring but the skeet makes up for it
Pidda's spirit animal
Thankyou for the cnc. Trying something different. But im unsure if this flows correctly, but more importantly looks natural. please give suggestion as to how I can make this looks better. thankyou
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