I was away for about a month, school/athletics has been kicking my butt, but I finally got a mouse and finished a replay that I got some help from supastveo with, thinking outside the box.

I appreciate the comments, that last replay wasn't very solid, I think I did a much better madman this time around!
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Really nice stuff. Opener was smooth. First kick was super powerful and looked amazing. I wish you had gotten the crotch block on the second kick though. The transition to decap was lovely and spiced up the replay while the decap itself looked pretty cool aswell.

Loving it, do more.
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The help you gave me supa was greatly appreciated thankyou.

Newest replay, would have used it for my SP cup entry but I used my most recent one prior to this, but in any case.
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the spins in the opener were nice but a bit boring to me
split was a nice 2dm but the kick itself wasnt that special
the decap is a bit disappointing and it doesnt really fit your controlled style to just hammerfist ukes torso so his head decaps on the ground
last punch was neat cuz you made a decent kick at uke's ass at the same time
the anti pose feels a bit out of place

i did enjoy the replay tho and this is just my opinion
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I agree with you %100 percent Theee. I have been trying to make more dynamic hits in my replays since everything is very controlled. Guess I over thought it but I think the replay was a bit of a success in some aspects. Thankyou!
Didn't really like the sudden-ness of the first kick and your movements need a little work
speed is good tho
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The spins in the opener looks like a bit weird, but i like it. in the first hit you can separate both arms and get the decap.
and i agree you need try do more dynamic hits. cool replay
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Excuse the funny arm motion for the first 20 frames or so, I didn't know a relaxed arm maintained in that state would cause that jerky/twitchy motion. "Mistakes were made"... my apologies.

Get it?
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