If art was ever to be portrayed in a replay that is one hellova good representation lmao
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
I remember the amount of times you've malded over this replay, good to see it finished

It's a cool asf concept made into an even cooler replay. Gj Mr Whacky
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
coming back in with some invigorating multiplayer replays

who would have thought i'd spar with chilledon in current year
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bathroom.rpl (945.4 KB, 11 views)
chillesper.rpl (981.2 KB, 16 views)
jajo violence.rpl (375.0 KB, 10 views)
bathroom_mma.tbm (50.7 KB, 5 views)
senshi_time_traveler_spar.tbm (54.1 KB, 5 views)
matarika_torimart_spar.tbm (25.7 KB, 5 views)
Since people are cocks and won't post guess it's my job mr whacky

jajo violence: You got fucking slapped

chillesper: Your MMA endeavours are showing in this one since its alot of just clean upright fighting. Overall cool and solid, also gotta mention that you and Chilledon have very similar playstyles only that he might be rusty as fuck, would be lovely to see you do more shit together since you bounce of one another quite well.

bathroom: bearhug opener is comical something only a comical genius like your whacky ass would do, the rest towards the climb up is a lil iffy but explainable since the gravity is made to say fuck you to anything other than upright fighting, which makes it even more impressive you got up the stall, fly kick downwards looked like a bitch to pull off so mad props on hitting it. also if you had dm's on im 100% certain you'd decap yourself on the fucking urinal which is hilarious and should be changed in post editing kthx.
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
new replay genre- car surfing

probably hardest tori control challenge ive ever done

(edited mod to add friction to the roof)
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senshi_car_crash_vgli2.tbm (31.9 KB, 13 views)
roflmao that is the most glimpsed replay to ever be glimpsed
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.