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thanks guys ^^ i'm rusty as shit it can't be helped

still trying to get the hang of it again
Giving a "hand" for skeets.
What the fuck, did you bring WD 40?! From a 2 year hiatus I expected rust, what the... okay cnc time.

Right of the bat I see your old style, love it. Your style is what inspired me to replaymake (among some others)
The uke lift looked odd at 435~
Right leg lift at 410 looked pretty cool, the left leg twitched however.
Landing spin with the arms looked meh, seemed like the obvious choice to me.
Lift kick was cool, though if you relaxed that ankle and hit his shins he would've went higher.
Arm kick was sick, love how it flowed perfectly into the hits.
The transition to the hits was pretty bad, you extended both your elbows too quickly, try use relax more.
Contract-kick (idk what it's called) was awesome, perfectly aimed, though if you got the other arm it would've been amazing.
Next kick was ok, probably could've got the groin.
Pose was cool, though if you managed to stop at the end it would've been amazing.
Very well done replay, especially for a come back, bookmarked.

tl;dr: Sick replay, no rust. Some twitches here and there. Use relax more. Work on poses a tiny bit.
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thanks tabby much appreciated <3
here's a quick one i don't like it very much
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#S - UglyBug.rpl (168.1 KB, 28 views)
Giving a "hand" for skeets.
what typa shit man 2 years break and you came back with some ormo shit
the only thing about the first replay is the opener is kinda nonexistent and that's it
about the second one well it kinda caught me off guard with the slow start and quick dms, kinda interesting how you got the dms at different places, could have got the lil decap though, cool pose
all cool you're back and rolling
hey scyther, im working on a video ( ) and i was wondering if i could use your replay #S - UglyBug for it

Discord: Suso#5498
hey i updated the video
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Just a dude making vids and making them memes
haha so hey again. Its been ages since I touched this game, and my last comeback was ended abruptly after having real life bullshit to deal with. I now have a steady job and I found my old love for this game. That said, time to shake off the extreme rust and kick some good old fashioned uke butt. Feel free to cnc and I'll be sure to check you out as well.
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Giving a "hand" for skeets.
i like the whole movement in general but i see some parts where you could move your knees earlier/later, same for your hips. if youre going to go for any power move in general i recomend editing over and over to find the best outcome possible.

good replay and move your hands in a circular motion, it gives off a really nice feel :>
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