epic manip but u fucked it up at 400

please try again

also right knee kinda twitchy at 475
alright guy
thanks for the input, currently working on fixing 475
i was frustrated with the replay since i couldnt figure out how to complete it so i rushed the dm and ruined it
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10 minutes with help from an idiot named tabby

loved this replay, expecially dms, i think it would be a nice idea to continue this madman by adding some cool kicks/punches to the lower body
[HACK] [Replayz]

That had a nice oldschool feel.
Wouldve preferred you finish in a pose tho, the replay felt a bit too unfinished without it.
You got great flow, and manipulation was really cool, but i didnt like that you made firrst dm with grab, and the second boom just must to be more dms, pose is funny. But overall 91/100
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deleted my post because the replay ending was dissatisfying but i cannot for the life of me fix it
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I like your uke control, and you doing great moves, but the second boom was expected more dm's. Overall 88/100
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