okayyy hi. so ima do both replays at the same time because i see the same issues in both. (last 2 btw)

so openers for both were fine and cool nice spins and flips and lifts on both. really enjoyed the lifts. i noticed tho after you came into contact with uke ur movement deteriorated pretty heavily. you were just holding ur arms and didnt have as much flow as you could have and that really takes away from the aesthetic of the replay. the manips themselves were pretty cool, but when you got the the dms it felt really half assed. you were also twitching around like crazy trynna get the dms and again you were super stiff.

imo id work on flowing through your movements and finding interesting dm patterns.

cool replays tho my guy pls do more
thank u for the input static i appreciate it

this replay is jittery af but its my first skeet so its gonna look absolute garbage

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hey there

love the opener and its pretty fucking ninja rad if you ask me, however I do not like the elbow grab dm and keeping the grab after the split. the boomkick looked nice but was done a bit later so it looks just a tad bit odd imo

skeets are usually better executed using the other way of throwing in my experience because it is hella harder doing it as you did rn so props for that. also the buildup to it was as you said not the best, but as a whole its a pretty damn good replay 10/10 would watch again. will keep an eye on your thread
Giving a "hand" for skeets.