im trying to mimic and older style
can anyone other than KillerBotX cnc
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phish - old.rpl (145.9 KB, 12 views)
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Nice dms, a little grabby overall but you move around comfortably anyway so not a problem. On the second hook kick your grabbing arm lowers too early and compromises the aiming and power. At first I didn't like the last kick but the way you swing around and transfer all the spin to the lower body is satisfying. Looks like it was fun to make. Not what I expected to see in 2020.
oh yeah
haha you ghooosteeeed

nice opener i like a lot
the dms was mad cool and boom so i personally like it a lot
your movement was fluid-ish yet relaxed so that was alright
the switch grab was cool
the movement into the last hit was a bit long but as pusga said, really satisfying

static | toad (ormo) max | haku
how many of you got sex
was it worth it

heres a wip
dont mind the head bruise lol
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wip77.rpl (129.2 KB, 7 views)
this replay is almost finished, no idea how to improve and follow up on the hook kick without doing something ugly
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