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Challenge Me!

Hey guys, this is my new replay thread, and i want to be challenged!

Well, i am out of inspiration to do any replay, and i noticed that when i have a challenge, i have some willpower to make my replays, so that's the thing, you guys will challenge me.


Parkour: I'll accept most of parkour challenges.
Spar: I'll accept spar challenges sometimes (i'll accept spar only with mods).
Madman: I'll hardly accept.
Tricking: I'll hardly accept.

Remember: It's a singleplayer thread, so you'll challenge me to do a spar replay, and not to spar with u.

And sometimes i'll have some special guests, to do a challenge, so remember, sometimes a guest will be challenged (at least that's the plan)
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parkour challenge.
we both have 3 days to finish the mod below.main focus will be style.
ofc you can suggest another one if you want.
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Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Ok, it's done, yea, ik it's not perfect, but i had to rush, starting the weekend i have some stuffs to do, now i'll wait for alpha and after that wait for a new challenge
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oof, imma have to ask for a day extention because i'm a lazy fuck that didn't start doing the replay yet :l (acually i did, but trying to finish it in the span of 2 hours wasn't a good idea so i scrapped it)
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Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
sorry for not posting this yesterday (lost connexion <_<).
anyway,i ended up lazing around untill the last second again so don't expect anything interesting.
shit attempt 1 is the first bad uncompleted attempt
shit attempt 2 is the second bad completed bad attempt
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shit attempt 2.rpl (1.15 MB, 7 views)
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
No need to be sorry mate

they're still cool, i mean, we had a really short deadline to do a replay, and we still done that, it isn't looking how we wanted, it shows a lot what happens when we have short deadline, but i really enjoyed doing that, it make ppl improve a lot.

Also, i am waiting for a new challenge, if anyone has any i'll be up to do! (if it's tricking i won't, not in the vibe to do tricking at all).
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do I need to participate if I give you a challenge? Or can I like, "hey make a parkour in this map"?
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Hey boi, I challenge you to finish the raid_challenge in under than 1100 frames
Replayhacking and changing pos not allowed!!!!!!
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