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I click balls and tori goes BRR (replay thread)
There I was, just chilling in boxshu room after not playing the game in ages as two unnamed players came in and demanded new replays from me.

So as a result here's my first replay in like 2-3 years (I think?), some good old parkour.

I suppose this will be my new replay thread now.. praises, critisism or cnc are all welcome :)
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Huh, I didn't stop posting, when not receiving replies?! Time to smack another parkour replay on the table!
Don't forget to smash that like button, comment and suberscraib.

(But for real though, any feedback is welcome and would be nice.)

My first goal seems to be clearing my parkour mods with some decent replays for some nostalgia 2/4 mods done.
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This event replay shall help me save this thread from dying.

Here's even video preview from the replay, maybe this way my effort will be noticed

Don't forget to tell your grandma about my replay thread!

GIF/video preview

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Ok ok I don't have much ukebash/manip experience, but I think I managed to pull of a quite nice replay for all u ukebash/manip lovers

GIF/video preview


- - - - - -

Tabby pointed out unintentional hold frame I had on uke during boom hit #2 so decided to make version where that is fixed. Thus here's also "fixed" version (no uke hold on boom #2, extra dm in boom #2 and there's also a different ending with another extra dm). Thanks for amazing cnc Tabby, really appreciate it!
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The manip experience - KF.rpl (399.4 KB, 6 views)
The manip experience - fixed.rpl (405.6 KB, 13 views)
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cool replay

i'll highlight in order of appearance what i like and dislike at specific sections of the replays, as well as what i would do instead, as a Professional Ukebasher

the opener to decap i think is pretty sweet, honestly. if i can say anything, i would say to watch out for when your tori crumples from awkward positions though. if you look at about 940~ you can see that the glutes are in the opposite positions and the lumber is heavily bent to one side, this takes away quite a bit from the perceived power as well as making the start look a bit careless due to a lack of setup beforehand
the decap itself is sweet and clean, but i feel again, the perceived power has been taken away due to the immediate contraction of the knee, though this is a stylistic choice, this isn't exactly criticism

before talking about the manip i think it's worth saying that manipulating uke in any fashion outside of directly with the tori (hacking speed, hacking dms, or holding/moving his character) is generally frowned upon by the ukebash community due to it being a bit of a copout, as it can greatly reduce the difficulty of whatever you're trying to do. I'm only speaking specifically on holding uke at several occasions, nothing else

being able to lift uke from a position like that is very difficult, so i applaud you for that. however, I'm sure you noticed yourself how difficult it was to naturally continue a manip from this position considering you're left in the air for a huge chunk of time with no momentum. this is why i usually recommend starting manips already positioned on the floor, or using uke's body as a means of returning to the floor

at about 790 you can see that your right hip is already fully extended before the lift, greatly reducing the potential power you could have had from this point, you compensated with your left, but this forced you to "shovel" uke into the air, breaking away abruptly from the rest of the replay, which has shown a strong understanding of spins and flow

punching uke's hand was a good choice, however it could have been better set up. planting your foot flat on the floor would have allowed you to generate much more rotational momentum, reducing how far he would actually travel. this would also give you the opportunity to kick his other hand when it spins around much more reliably
kicking the legs i think was fine, though i would recommend kicking uke's legs from the side to avoid going between, because more often than not kicking between his legs is very disadvantageous if you really wanna make a cool spinny manip. i think the part after is generally fine but a bit twitchy, and raising only one arm would have looked much better in my opinion, makes the manip look a bit more "effortless" for the tori
the leg lift at 521 is certainly cool, but since you're in the air it's difficult to really make him rotate in that position, but it looks cool nonetheless lol

the first kick is actually pretty impressive considering the actual lack of reliance on grabs at that section, cool boomhit

the second one you hold uke for some reason, actually reducing the amount of dms you could get with the hit, putting you from 5 to 4 (6 to 5 counting the knee dm). i can't even really reason why you decided to hold him there in the first place lol, people don't like it anyway tho

tl;dr: generally the replay is pretty nice for someone who doesn't ukebash as frequently as others, good job. however, you should try to consider uke's position as well as yours, and try to compensate as best you can for both you and uke without directly sacrificing one or the other, a balance if you will. dms are fine but you shouldn't adjust uke's joints at all after dming him unless there's a legitimately creative reason for such, as people mostly frown upon it (as it's technically cheating lol)
Damn been 2 weeks once again, time flies.

Was busy with making a new mod, but did a test run on one of the routes so here's that replay o/

GIF/video preview

What about the D mod? Oh don't worry you'll get the d later ;)
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Second attempt at manipulation replays. Bit longer manipulation this time around

Comments and cnc are cool.

GIF/VID preview

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Spinning uke like pizza dough.rpl (435.3 KB, 18 views)
why is everybody better than me lol

cool replay, my only complaint is that you looked kinda stiff in some parts of the manip, other than that it flowed pretty well
part of the uri-nation rateyourmusic
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
pls why the keyframes T_T

the lift was aight, got the manip going pretty decently with it, the first hits to uke after the inital lift was kinda meh, you looked real stiff and you changed your momentum at the second kick which was a bummer, but however you setup into the third hit really well and the few hits after that was nice, especially when you transitioned into that left back kick, pretty swanky bruh, idk what you did at 500, you kinda just froze there while your crotch was getting grouped by uke lmao, you setup for another really nice that was powerful enough to spin uke for a bit before you bicycle kick the shit outta him, the bicycle kick was decent, i didnt like how you right hand looked real stiff, maybe it was because of your pec movement which was a bit odd to me, i notice sudden neck movements aswell in the middle of the replay at around 580-560, where you head kinda twitched but i get what you were trying to do with that do, a tip from me is extend a few frames and the relax the joint so you can lower your head and still make it look natural.

but overall this was a neat replay, havent talked to you in a while joope1, nice seein you back in the game.
its Draigoon12 btw :3