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Event Squad Recruitment and Updates

Hi Toribash folk, it's this time of a year when yet another ES lead makes yet another ES recruitment. Yay?

What is Event Squad
We are the team of people who host events - from regular in-game knockout tourneys to ranking seasons and other mass events.
We don't moderate forums, deal with market or any sorts of scams.
However, we occasionally do minor moderation in-game due to having room admin permissions.
These things are what you should keep in mind in case you decide to apply to join us after reading this announcement.

Why join Event Squad
You like Toribash, right? Being an ES member is probably the best way to help the game stay (or become?) fun and entertaining. It allows you to get some actually helpful life skills (project organization and management, communication w/ different people), possibly find some new friends - and have fun! It also gives you a bunch of perks like ingame admin, colored name, bigger epeen...
But in all seriousness, if you want to do some change to Toribash it might be the best time to join the team. It's been ages since an event-focused team was lead by an actual game developer and that opens a wide range of new event types and possibilities. All you need is to have good ideas and be motivated enough not to drop out after a month.

Who can join Event Squad
We don't have any fixed restrictions on what you need to become ES, so this would rather be a list of things that'd make it impossible for you to join ES:

  • Very low or non-existant in-game activity
  • Having joined the community less than 9 months ago
  • Having 5 (or more) scam/toxicity/harassment-related bans on your accounts or having at least 1 such ban within past 9 months

Also for the first time in a long while (if not ever?), we'll be giving advantage to people who have never been staff members before. Ex-staff are cool and all (as they require less assistance and generally know how things roll), but you guys tend to drop out way too quickly. This will also partially apply to super old users.

Applying to join Event Squad
First off, make sure you've read everything above in case you just scrolled to this part.
Secondly, read this before continuing. If you send a zero effort application, please don't even expect any proper rejection letter either.
You must include languages you speak and your timezone in your application. Those are unlikely to hugely affect our decision on whether to accept you or not, but having some sort of understanding of times when you'll be available is always good.
Including an event idea that you'd like to host would also give you an advantage over others. Please no "generic toribash ladder event" suggestions though, it better be an actually interesting and fresh idea.

All applications are to be sent to me.
There is no specific deadline on the recruitment, but we'll most likely be making pauses between new trial waves.
Originally Posted by Azraeel View Post
Welp, i might as well apply. I have zero life and plus its fun to help

ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zero lmao

Anyways I'll try and I hope I get accepted because I like making people have fun and everything like that.
all I can say is good luck to everyone
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