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Hardness for Tori Body Parts
In modmaker you can you change the Hardness of environmental objects to act as a damage multiplier when this object hits your Tori (0 - no damage, 1 - normal damage, <1 - less than normal, >1 - more than normal damage).

Adding this parameter to Tori Body Parts in modmaker would be HUGE (especially for the mma/mas mods) because it would do away with so much unnecessary/unintended damage points from grappling. (We call these cheese points).

In the real world you do not strike your opponent with your thighs, hips, torso, chest, etc because these are not hard body parts that can be used as weapons. By allowing us to give these body parts a hardness of 0, they will no longer induce any damage points on the opponent which allows for more realistic scoring, which then can lead to a more fair mod to play competitively.

In addition to eliminating these cheese points, this parameter can be used to skew the damage potential of strikes depending on the real world "hardness" of that body part. If hands are given the benchmark hardness of (1.0) then elbows and knees can be given a hardness of say (1.75) because of how devastating elbow and knee strikes are. Meanwhile striking with the wrist/forearm could be a reducing factor of say (0.5) to encourage punching precision.
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