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10k tourney
Add 10k tourney with higher belt restrictions (10th Dan or sum) I believe ppl would join and deal with the mild wait of a small tourney for 10k with "competitive mods" rotation
2.5k is usually filled (if ever) by 4 new players and 1 master belt or higher, it's kinda sad lmao

There's pretty much no other way of making TC (in-game, not going to forums n shits) after u milked the rewards from achievements

Also 15 mins wait for the 2.5k tourney is kinda.. :| nobody waits that long. So might be better to reduce that and maybe players would stay after one tourney ends cuz e v e r y o n e leaves when they read 15 mins till the next tourney. So it makes it unreasonable for anyone to join, both new players cuz of what I already explained and old players cuz goddamn 15 mins for 2.5k is just dumb

Maybe then betting servers would appear and be alive more often, cuz let's be real most of the TC is held by a small ass portion of the player base, and if they're not around, no bets happen cuz there's no TC obviously