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Put Uke Down% Speedrun Challenge
Hello Nerds and Nerdettes
There are 2 objectives up for grabs.

Put Uke Down%!
The name of the game is is to Pick Uke Up Then Put Uke Down in as close to his original Tpose position as possible, Specific rules are, you must lift uke off the ground there is no standard height, you may juggle him you may knock him off something so long as his feet lift off a surface and then land back on the ground by 0 frames, you may not control Uke in any way he can only be manipulated through punches, kicks, grabs, etc. Uke Must have his feet planted on the ground at 0 frames, (see my replay as an example in the file below) I Realize "as close as possible" is Subjective, but all replays are welcome and I'm simply picking my favorite, so if uke has his feet Planted on the ground but his arms are wonky and his torso is shifted it will still count so please send the replay <3. Winner of the most creative way to achieve this goal will receive 60k tc you may do this in any mod so long as you have fun doing it.

I Will Be Reviewing Replays on Saturday the 18th of Febuary

Uke SpeedRun%!
Now for the Real Challenge!
The fastest Person to Juggle or Haul uke from one end of CatalystFinal to the other will receive:
200k tc
a Collectors Hood
And an Icicle Slingshot.

Specific Rules are, You may not edit your starting position, you may edit Ukes position to any location on the starting platform, You may not lower gravity any lower than -15, you may not edit the match frames, and you may not manipulate ukes movements outside of punching kicking grabbing etc.

I Hope this Clears Up some of the Confusion over the rules!

Also, this event is being sponsored by the Event Squad! This means they are adding TC to the prize pool which have been included in the prizes above.

Clown <3
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Last edited by list; Feb 19, 2023 at 05:50 AM. Reason: Clarifying objective, no controlling uke only punching kicking grabbing etc.
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