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Why am I greylisted?
If you're seeing this when you attempt to make a transaction from your accounts, your account has been greylisted.

Q: Why am I greylisted?
A: There's one of two possibilities.

1. You've probably logged on after a long period. This is most-likely the case.
Accounts not logged into are greylisted automatically. This is normal, there's no need to worry. Reach out to a @Super Moderator on discord and they'll look into it for you. When they've confirmed you've been taken of the greylist, you should be able to resume your trades just fine.

2. The second possibility is that your account has been greylisted because it is under investigation. If you are unaware of what's going on, you can always reach out to the Market Squad.

In both instances, you could post a thread in the Technical Support board to have it looked into.