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[Idea] Quick Threads
This is just an idea, but thread templates would be nice. So new and old users alike can use to make a thread. For example on an art threads, have a template like so...

(center)(B)(size=3) Thread Title Here(/size)(/b)(/center)

(SPOILER="Pictures here")(img)(/img)(/SPOILER)

[Auction threads only]
Ends after:

(I used brackets for parenthesis and vise versa so it would be an easier template to view)
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This would be a great idea, and it would reduce the amount of invalid threads posted.
The only issue I see is that members already have a hard time reading board rules. What would make this different then the rules established already?
It has nothing to do with rules, it is just an idea for ease of use on the forums, you wouldn't be required to use them. The blank template would always be available, a sidebar displaying "quick threads" would also be there for use though.
answer to shmevin
add a question to the thread
the answer will be between the lines in rules
it was a joke but it maybe work
INB4 14 days ban