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My hability sucks for semipro
Hello. I earned the blue belt yesterday and I noticed I can't play on intermediate servers any more. I have to fight on SemiPro servers. The problem is that I don't have the enough skill to win TC in this level as i wanted to.
I think the actual system of winning IQ is a bit wrong. I personally think you shouldn't win IQ when losing a fight. This would make more sense, because if you win IQ when losing, if you always lose, you will earn new belts and you will have to fight better people, but that does not necesarily means that you improved your skill.
Or maybe the server's system should be changed, I don't know, I just feel like trapped, without winning TC...
Another suggestion: -Make tournaments for a IQ max and low limit, so that newer people have the oportunity to win tournaments without having to face pro people.
That's all.
You're right. You do belong in a lower IQ area.

Now, moving on to qi. Gaining qi when you lose too means that yes, you will eventually have to face people more skilled than you. So the obvious solution here is to get better at the game to even the odds. Remember, you just moved up into that league. You're still at the lower end of the spectrum in there. Keep playing, and you will get better, and eventually you will start winning again. You were at the higher end of the spectrum in the league you just moved out of, so of course you were winning more often.
The current QI system is quite correct,The more games you play the more you learn how to operate your tori.I also had the same problem when I got to blue belt as I got my butt handed to me by brown belts.But eventually you'll get better at the game or you'll find a mod that your better at than most and develop your skill further in that.There's also more ways to earn tc other than fighting if your having that much trouble.
I'm pretty sure you know by now but I'll just say it anyway. It's 'Qi' you're referring to, not IQ.

I would consider making a few adjustments to your suggestion. Instead of only gaining Qi through winning matches, how about replacing Qi restrictions on servers with elo restrictions?

Your elo ranking is your main rank and it can only increase if you win matches. If the main servers were divided according to elo rating, then you would get the exact same results you desire without revamping the entire Qi system (which, at this point in Toribash's life, would be impractical).
"Fear not the Tori who has practiced 10,000 openers once, but fear the Tori who has practiced one opener 10,000 times."
Well, seeing it from that point of view... I didn't think about that.
I don't feel llike doing a new account just to practice with white belts.
Instead of that: Why not adding a singleplayer mode where the AI plays against you? I mean like in the challenge Uke mode, except that you can choose whatever the mod you want to practice with.
And DaNoob23, I think I understand what you say, and I think that would be ok too. It would be a rank limit instead of QI limit as I understand, or a a system of both limitations.