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[concept] Clan ranking system
So yeah, to begin with I want to state that this concept was created to be farming-proof,

So yeah check it out.


d'oh, fine let's say clans should be diveded by groups regarding of their points automaticly. let's say we have a list of clans

these clans have some points

so we will have a list like this

1 [killers] 121
2 [rapists] 92
3 [molesters] 81
4 [masochists] 72
5 [cockblockers] 62
6 [bd&sm] 55
7 [noobs] 52
8 [pros] 32
9 [pickels] 8
10 [apples] 1

now, to prevent points farming we will divide this list by groups.

it will be done automaticly:

A_0 = top_clan_cp

where A is group, 0 is top cap and 1 is bottom cap, so we will have and top clan cp is ammount of cp of top clan

A[A_0; A_1]
A_0 = top_clan_cp
A_1 = top_clan_cp * 75%

B[B_0; B_1]
B_0 = top_clan_cp * 75% - 1
B_1 = top_clan_cp * 50%

C[C_0; C_1]
C_0 = top_clan_cp * 50% - 1
C_1 = top_clan_cp * 25%

D[D_0; D_1]
D_0 = top_clan_cp * 25% - 1
D_1 = top_clan_cp * 0%

so yeah, in excel i got this
A_0 = 121
A_1 = 91

B_0 = 90
B_1 = 61

C_0 = 60
C_1 = 30

D_0 = 29
D_1 = 0

and now to sort shit out


you can make clan war only with a clan from same group

top clan from each group can fight clans from next group

i think you should recive cp for events too.


1 [killers] 121
2 [rapists] 92


3 [molesters] 81
4 [masochists] 72
5 [cockblockers] 62


8 [pros] 32


9 [pickels] 8
10 [apples] 1


so pickles as top clan at group D may fight clans from group C
pros as top clan at group C may fight clans from group B
molesters as top clan at group B may fight clans from group A

this will solve a situation where there may be only one clan in a group too.

simple as that.

good thing about this sytem is that it's dynamic and after you done it it would not need any changes in structure or any interference other then adding cp for events ;)

in the end we have a system where top clans can't farm cp on shit clans and shit clans can't farm cp on shit clans.

fuck yeah


concept here
you change only top clan value and get each group limits


okay now about values

cp - clan points
qip - qi points
cwp - clan war points
ep - event points
clear cp
clear ep

now how to caculate this shit?

let's start with qi points and activity

activity = active members/total members
qip = average qi * 0,01
cwp = adding from clan war system
ep = clear event points ( added by CET ) * 3
clear cp = qip + cwp + ep
cp = clear cp * activity

so in the end we have a system that more or less fair and will divide clans by group based on activity, clan war points, event points,average qi and exclude tc, since it have no relation to clans activity.
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Nice ideas,but i don't know the ''Values'',i think the points really needs be divided at activity,clan war,event and Status (Average qi,excluse tc...). probally fish are working based in our ideas.
to answer you: all of this is divided and cp is a result of all values.

there was only 1 huge problem with old ranking system:
clan points farming

I belive dividing by groups will solve such situation while top clans were farming cp on low clans and never fought each other(top clans), so ranking system had no sense. other then "how many babies your clan beated down"

also this concept may encouraging activity
if your clan is inactive you will end up in the bottom, so if you want your clan to be on top you should really manage it, other then " we won several wars, gone inactive but we will stay on top no matter what"

the only backdrawn is that small clans will have advantage over medium / big ones.

may be i will find a solution to this too.
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it isnt farming to fight lower clans

in our climb from 49th to 7th [Zero] was equal opportunity

whoever has the most members online and is willing to war is who we fought

there arent enough active ingame clans for there to be too many groups
back from the dead
There will be only 4 groups.

And if you read my post above you will get the whole idea, but I will explain it one more time, regarding your clan.

You are active clan. You do clan wars, you rank up. At some moment you ranked up enough to move up the group. Lets say from D to C. Other active clans that clanwar alot will go there aswell. But from now on you ( active clans ) will fight one each other, instead of new clans from D.

Basicly, you would not be able to farm clan points on new clans over and over, but you will had to fight strong active clans just like your own in order to rank up.

any questions?
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How about u rank clans by wars instead of member capability. The more points the clan wins from a war the more they rank up. I think this is how they used to do it. Not sure.
And this is how it works here. The only difference is that if your clan become inactive, you would not stay at the top.

So we will exclude situation where clan which was active and did lots of clan wars could stay on top forever.

With this system we do encourage clans to stay active.
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What about autoranking the players for their ranks, all member of clan should gain it's own rank, what you say?
so we are gettting a rework, hence the bump
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