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Verified TC sellers Should have their own in game color.
Yes, Forums are indeed available to all Toribash players, BUT to new buyers who don't know who to buy from or who contact to buy Tc; most of the time are in a lobby with player who sell Tc. I feel like a distinct color for verified Tc sellers would go a long way with helping distinguish them or contact them faster in-game because forum method can sometimes either take forever or either be a confusing process.
Orrr maybe this is a trash idea who knows lol i just feel like new is good and having... i guess a TC selling role? i guess.... would be cool or something. I guess
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Different colour names are reserved for staff or legends only, this is for a myriad of reasons but chief among them is a different colour name is usually a new players go to for help.

Furthermore, MS like things to be documented so adding an ingame colour to me increases the likelihood of things not being documented properly because of purely ingame deals
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Would be pretty cool tho, no?
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