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Toribash Quarterly Tournaments

If you guys didn't know, I always loved the competitive aspect of Toribash and wanted to become ES to fix parts of the game that I didn't like. I wanted to suggest quarterly tournaments with a purpose- which is to find a perfect version of a striking mod. Honestly, the prizes dont have to be THAT big. Prizes can be 15k for first, 10k for second, 5k for third. If its something I've learned by looking at past events, PRIZES DONT MATTER... its the FUN that players get from the events.

- To find a perfect version of what a striking mod should be like with lenshu3ng.tbm as the base mod.
- Have the final mod iteration as the official mod for Ranked Seasons

- Create mod iterations that lead towards a perfect striking mod by reviewing and learning from competitive games
- Nerf overpowered tactics each iteration for healthier gameplay

After creating a good striking mod, you guys could move on to grappling with aikidbigdojo.tbm as the base mod; TK doesn't need one because erthtk_v2.tbm is THE BEST iteration of the mod.

Also, I have art and the initial prop for this event... never got to release it because my name didn't turn purple :^(

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You can always get in touch with the mod creators and get a perspective of what they were aiming for, add your tweaks and then post in Mods board.

In my personal opinion I don't see why you have to join ES to host events, especially that you say prizes don't matter. Its an enjoyable experience regardless.
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Not sure if my opinion matters but I'm always happy with more tourneys, and more structure could be nice!
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