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Fully jointed 512x512 set (mainly accepting USD)
This set was originally a request that I made for someone, It's azrael from batman.. but the guy decided to scam me.. the set was made for a good amount in USDPlease if you're going to offer on this.. don't disrespect the set and me by lowballing since I put alot of time and effort in this..
I will mainly be accepting USD and TC only if you do tc in 21k/ 1 USD rate ( I know that rate is high but I really want only USD offers)
Artist: Clint
Size: 512x512
Prev owner: no one since I didn't send the set to the guy and waited for the payment
MinBid: 30 USD
min raise: 5 USD
The back side is a cape (the guy wanted me to include it)
won't sell the head by it's own, I'm still looking for offers
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