Name: CurlyJefferson
Belt: White
Age: 12
Why do you want to join: Because I need a good clan that is active.
Previous clans if any: none

I am withdrawing my application
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name: kilermvm
belt:black belt
age 15 years old
because I want to get:get the following reason I always wanted to join an awesome clan as you guys but I was afraid to be on track to post meno white brown blue inta pees please let me get to the mod that we shall have the tests I will strive to maximum worth to spend and I hope that thanks to accept me
Life, ♥Haku, Thalles, Tado,Toriboth, Kagami,<3
[NM],[Undead], [OoT], [h]
Can I join your clan?

-Coz I don't give a crap about the posting random-crap-policy in forums if you don't have 123 posts made we cannot accept you... I mean cmon!!!! WtF . is like kindergarten.

So as I was saying, I would like to join your clan not because I can't be arsed posting in forums, no, because I want to play the game toribash with people that i might see more than once in the same server. maybe.

Im 29 game designer/ 2d/3d artist working for gameloft a iphone/ipad game developer

I am 2nd Dan, rank usually around 200 - 2000 day to day

I rox in Akido

Also like the shift ending. - some of my old work
Why do you want to join:I want to be apart of somthing as big as FinalShift
Previous clans if any:Gaialords
Name: uke888
Belt: Brown
Why do you want to join: because i can make avvy's for the clan and that i need a clan to join
Previous clans if any: [TE] [Pride]
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