Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Meme Elite Forces are on their way.

i dont know how to pull out BUT I KNOW HOW TO RAM
In-Game Name:Wizard03
Reference(s)**** :art
How long have you been playing Toribash:almost a year
Why you want to join Torigods:because you guys seem awesome.
Why we should pick you instead of someone else:because i am very good at judo and i can help with art.
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hi im jose, better known in game as xxxhoxxx, im 14 years old
im brown belt, i know its not too much but im doing such an effort to reach black belt.
ive been playing toribash since 2011.
i dont think i can contribute a lot with the clan because im not as good as you guys, but i can offer you some art, screens and replays.
in fact i have some funny replays in this post:
"my funny replays"
i just have 1500 tc but something its something xD
i play toribash 3 hours every day and im active in everything .
i never had a ban or infraction.
my best mods are aikido and wushu, i like to create new original move in wushu cuz i dont like to copy.
i`d . like to join this clan because every of your members are very good people, and the clan is just awesome. you really know how to fight. ireally want to be a torigod.

thnx for reading
In-Game Name: Sainzgc
Reference (s) ****: the reference
How long have you been playing Toribash: more than 1 year
Why you want to join Torigods: cla is a strong, I like
Why We Should you pick instead of someone else, because I have good experience in the game and I'm not a player like any other

Belt: Black
Rank: 400-