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might as well help you....
Hi rapp.. so you are really doing this? well i might as well help you... Pm if u need anything
I'm a fucking professional!
Yeah, I'm really doing this.
Thanks for your support.
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Look Rapp LAst why are you trying to revive this? Your in essence focus on that [IN] Isnt really your clan anymore its no ones so just let it go dude you be in [IN] and Essence and lead them at the same time you just cant man.
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Questions concerns? Pm me
Fallout, if you don't give a damn about [In] anymore, then it's not really your place to have an opinion about it xP Why would you care anyways?
zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριαz] | [εssεηcε]