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Clan War Search
What about anyway to search a clan to war ingame and start a war ingame? you'll use game for war so why should you use the forum to start a war? i was expecting something like this when you make your own room.


And when you want join another room, turn a option that says " Clan wars " on, you just see the rooms that have a clan able to war. Like...


As you can see when you enable the "Clan war" option, you're able to see every room made with the process 1. The desc is CLANWAR so it explain that it's a official clan war, any other desc shouldn't be allowed, if it says the clan name, like [eVo]vs(Infinity) it's because the war alredy started. Obviously it's just a idea with a basic concept showing a little bit of a thing that should be added in future TB versions. If you enjoyed it, post.
Supported, Because sometimes the forums are down and you might end up having to do stuff traditionally (if there are stakes).

Also, this would make things a lot quicker whenever clans are attempting to war.
Great idea, nice presentation. Seems very doable! This has my support.
Your messed up world enthrills me
looks pretty good. it might become a good tool for increasing number of players ingame as well as clans' activeness. Support
I'm sick of it taking 10 minutes+ to do all the invites to set up a war. This is the best solution. Maybe show the clan war lobbies by default but when you set up a war lobby it becomes a different color. That way if you sort servers by desc all the war lobbies will be grouped etc.
~ I would kill to have this
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