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NameChange with USD
It's a really simple idea. In the torishop market thing, there's an option to change your name for let's say, 15 usd and it grows larger each time you buy it
Im not going to use this myself, but i know it costs a hell ton of TC.
I think some people would be happy to change names with USD.

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Or you could just buy the tc with the usd then pay for a namechange? It's not a bad idea but it's not really needed.
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as with what warrior said, if they did do this, they'd put it at their rate, which is 1k/$1 so it'd be like $100 just for the first one.
Well, name changes are, basically, tc sinks so yeah.
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I support this 100% i have a really long capitalized name and want to change it, but im trying so hard to save tc that im not going to spend 100k on a name change so USD will be so much easier, 15 would be perfect for the first time

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From what I know, name changes are not something you can do by yourself, you need an administrator support to be able to change your name, it's not something you can purchase as an item in store.
You also need to check with an administrator if the name is available, names that are a few years old can't be used until they reach an amount of years of not being active, you can't buy any name you want.
Even if it's something like a name that needs a few letter changed to lowercase, I don't see it as an option for the whole community to use without some administrator doing it manually and knowing if the name is available.

If you're willing to spent 15$ in a game,
I'm pretty sure you can get 100k without any problem.
(Isn't real money more valuable than some game currency, hmm?)
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The tc rates have changed. It's balanced. Nabi wouldn't put it at their rate because they're not dumb.

How the fuck would an admin be needed if it was automated?

It would tell you if the name is open or not! Think logically people!
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It would tell you if the name is open or not! Think logically people!

LOGICALLY, it is a waste of time and resources to create a system that searches every name in the database and tells you if the name you want either does not exist or (this is the tough part) tell you to the EXACT day whether a name has been inactive for 3 years.
~USD for namechange supported, a bot to do it is not~

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Grohenbird, the searching system is already in the registration process, seems like you know nothing from databases and websites. It's easy thing to do actually.
I actually support it because nowadays, tc doesn't sell very fast, it would be just easier with USD. 10-15$ for the first time would be ok.