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"Call mod" button
[Warning: This suggestion maybe was suggested before,I'm not sure so I need someone to verify if it was already suggested or not,Thank you.]
What I'm thinking about is that you add a in-game/forums button where allows you to call any online moderator in PM/Instant in-game chat...
For In-game,It would be something like "Xxxx needs a moderator in Xxxx"
For e.g..
"NoKi1119 needs a moderator in GmBets"
But in forums,It would be something like a PM or a pop-up window.
This would be even faster way to call mods in emergency instead of pm's or IRC,Which can save time,And only allowed to call a moderator once/twice per day,Or a week.
People would troll too much. And people that don't know what the rules are would do it and say "this guy lifted me ban him", etc.

not supported.
They will be communicating with Gms, so if such insubordination goes on, they would deal with it, right?
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It will turn into 'The boy who cry wolf' story.

I know that in some part of the whole deal I would go to the ban list and among other amusing ban texts there will be a new addition: ''I accidentally typed call mod instead of call mom''.

There is a saying: Don't call the devil 'cause he will come uncalled.
Not supported.

Its easy to contact a mod. If they are not in a irc just pm them. The admins have lives and this will only be good if there are online mods. Maybe a "chat with mod" in the forums that will only be available when there is an online one.
I think it's a good idea that would be useful, but people could just "call a mod" over and over again for no reason and that found get extremely annoying.