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Tori dummy in corner
So what I was thinking is that it'd be nice to have a dummy of our tori in the default position in the corner,
so that we could easily access joints that may be hard to access when in certain positions.

I'm sure some folks would be annoyed slightly by this,
so having it as an option would probably also be nice.
I like that idea!

Or even hotkeys that controls each joint?

It will take a lot of practice to get used to though.
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It will most probably cause mass-confusion since there is already UKE there.
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Originally Posted by Cake View Post
It will most probably cause mass-confusion since there is already UKE there.

I think he means more of an interface, of a tori in the (lets say) bottom right corner of our screen so no matter where the camera is at, we can control the joints from anywhere without directly clicking on the real 3D tori
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saying "theres a script for that" isnt good enough.
if people wanted a script for it theyd ask for a script.
Yes but the script can solve your problem in the meanwhile and you won't have to wait for it to get implemented into the game. So it would only be needed if the script won't work online
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Yeah there's not much more discussion to be had here. Might very well be a good idea to implement it into the game, but there's no reason to have a thread for it.