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[r] Rigby Hand Texture Paying 15k
Requesting for Cartoon Character to be made into a hand texture

I'd like Rigby's face as the front, paying 15k, no less

Ref Pic 1

Ref Pic 2


Is this what you're basically looking for?

tell me if you need any thing added or removed
This is a good start, I'd like you to do some fur on rigby, black lines like in the pics

This is still open to anyone else
giving this a go
here's my WIP:
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Wait up, im on this too. Posting wips soon
Here is a start to it. I added ears and arms, but will make em better. I'm just using this for the mapping

wip1(not using this one anymore)

Ok, so I've decided to redo the whole thing and ended up with this

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All pretty good, i'd have to say my favourite is thecrash12's one, but good effort from everyone,

I'll buy those thecrash12, i'll send the tc