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Toribash Terms Explained
Alright. The old dictionary sucked. So here is a new one. If you want a word added to it, post in this thread, or send me a pm. Whichever you feel more comfortable doing. If you feel anything is wrong/needed in this feel free to let me know.
Ask for any definition of toribash jargon here. This list is very short right now.

Dismemberment: When a joint turns red and separates from the rest of the body. See picture. Green circles show dismembered joints.

Decap: A dismemberment at the neck joint. See picture. Green circle shows decap location.

Fracture: Similar to having a joint be dislocated. It has a wider range of motion than normal and you are unable to control a fractured joint. Fractured joints are blueish purple. Green circle denotes fractured joint. NOTE: Fractured joints cannot be dismembered.

Madman: A replay where the player shreds Uke. 3 or more hits is usually required, and the dismemberments should be spread out across Uke's joints. For example, a replay where I kick off Uke's right hand, then right elbow, then right shoulder would no be considered a madman, as Uke did not sustain damage to the majority of his body. See replay.

Shovel: A "noob" move in aikido. It consists of bending over and grabbing the opponent, then lifting him. Many people dislike shovels because they are hard to counter and devastatingly effective.

Noob Clap: A "noob" move in judo. It consists of contracting the pecs and grabbing the hands. Many people dislike the noob clap because it is hard to counter and devastatingly effective.

Snap kick: A type of kick commonly seen in taek kyon. It consists of rotating the chest and hips and contracting or relaxing the kicking leg's knee in the first turn. Then extending the knee to "snap" the leg straight. See Pictures.

Splitcap: When a player splits and decaps Uke in a replay. A replay is only considered a splitcap if the player stops dismembering after the splitcap. See replay.

Skeet: The act of throwing a part of yourself or Uke at Uke's dismembered head. The head must be airborne for the skeet to count. See replay.

Textures: Items that allow you to upload images to texture parts of your tori. For instance, a head texture will allow you to upload an image that will be mapped to the head part of tori. NOTE: texture can be used to mean the item that unlocks the uploading ability OR the uploaded image itself.

Farming: Setting up a server with settings that allow you to win a large number of games quickly. This is bad. Do not farm please.

Booster: An item you can buy(for real money $$$) that gives you a boosted prize for winning fights.

Stiff: A technique of using mostly held joints. Stiff replays tend to look very jerky and robotic.

Relaxed/Limp: A technique of using mostly relaxed joints. Relax tends to make replays look smoother and more realistic.

Boomhit: Also: Boomkick, Boompunch, Boom(insert fighting term here). A hit that is powerful enough to get 3 or more dismemberments at once. Most boomhits occur at the chest and crotch, where the joint density is higher. See replay.

Opener: A set move for the opening part of a match. The noob clap and snap kick are examples of openers.

Rush Moves(Wushu): A technique in wushu in which the player rushes or leaps at the other player.

Qi: Total number of multiplayer matches played.

Manipulation: A replay in which the player smacks uke around a bit before attacking. Eg: tossing uke into the air, then kicking his head off as he falls.

Lift: An aikido tactic involving snapkicking and shoveling at the some time.

Zombie: When an arm or leg gets dismembered and is still being used to do damage to the opponent.
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Here's some more definitions

Fracture- When a joint of the body becomes a purple color from force to a joint. This joint does not separate from the rest of the body.
(Slang version: Frac)

Farming- This often has to do with 2 people getting free toricredits off of one that bought a booster, one the boosted person haves the other lose and gets the free toricredits. Another verion of this is one person doing this with a separate account they made.
*Note* Farming is illegal

Booster- A item bought using real life currency that gives you a increased number of toricredits for every fight you win in multi player mode.

Textures- Images put on your toribash character that, to most people, make it look better. There are templates to help you create textures for your toribash character.
(Slang version: Texts)

Thats it from me for now.
Well, you are just describing what a fracture looks like.
A fracture occurs in a joint that has been hard enough to break the fracture threshold, once a joint is fractured you are unable to move it, and it's range of movement is much greater. (exg. A fractured knee can bend backwards) Unlike in an dismemberment, the fractured joint stays on your body.
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Work to be done:
Categorize. eg: basics, moves, etc
Get a picture or replay for every term.
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do you mind if we send in some photos or replays with definitions to make your job easier in here?
yea, pm them to me, so I can edit them up a bit first though.
i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
<DeadorK> fair maiden
<DeadorK> if the cum is going to be in your mouth
<DeadorK> it shall be in mine as well