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Relaxed is also called limp.
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Can someone post an example of a wushu rush?

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It should be specified that a wushu rush move has to commence the leap at the first turn. Otherwise it's no rush.
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archery, voodoo, zombie, splits, boomhit/boomkick, tripod, noobclap, tori, uke, Crotchblock.

Thats pretty much all i can think of atm. Note that Archery includes skeet and voodoo, where voodoo is throwing of limbs that can further damage the enemy. Zombie is pretty much the same thing, although it pretty much only occurs when either the chest or arm is dismembered, and the hands area allready grabbing the enemy.

boomhit can be defined loosly.
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Lifting: A move where the player uses a kick like Snapkick while grabbing the opponent, and easily lifts him up. It's effect is like shovel's, but it's not that noob, uncounterable and effective.

...or something like that...
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