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[Request] Freestyle Set req|Prize:~200k
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a permanent set.

So this is going to be the details.

Design: Do what you are most good at.

Colours: Any will do. Except Black and white.

This will end till I find the perfect set.

Please do post your WIP. ;3

~Good Luck.

P.S: Make it High Quality and I also accept old sets that you aren't using n_n if it's nice that is n_n

Sets I like so far
-Renkai (Check it out)[QS/Camo]
-Vermine (I don't have a name for it set) [Qs/Platinum](CoollookingNinjaRobotmadewith128x128pixel set) [qs/Supernova]
-Dajoka (A Mrama look a like set n_n)
-Daggardry (Mrama/vector like)(Blue Blood)
-Zanbaba (Alien set)
-Ezeth (His work and another)
-athrax (his work) [Void/Imperial]
-DecapW(Reselling his old set) Elf/Void
-lukas125(his work and another)
-Prodigys(His work) Vamp/Plat
-JinxZ(His Work)
Waiting List/ Work In Progress
-Hobojoey (His work)[Vamp/Void]
-AHD (WIP) [Vamp/Void,Demon,Platinum]
-Mrama (His work)

Sets that need work on
-Chickens (Reselling his old set)
-Sampandora(Tribal) (Head needs more detail)
-Azir (His Work) (Visor change)
-CheZe(Rainbow Set oooh ahhh) (Not Mirrored right)
-JeetKuneDo (His Work) (Too Little Colours)
-WarMedic (Legs need more detail.)
-XPad(Too little colours)
-NightHawk1(Head needs more detail)
-vlad9999(Too little colours)

Note: All are arrange in random order!!!

Good Luck

End Date: 31st August, Monday, 11:59pm(GMT +8 )
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Can't Touch This
Hmm Show me what you got first.. then i'll tell you k? Some is fine i think.. Just not too much. For out line obviously go ahead. overall colour don't use it thats all
Can't Touch This
Anime it is. Just no emo... Oh and is anybody else doing this? Please post if you are doing it so I can wait for your entry
Can't Touch This