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Err yeah so long as its nice. But the head must be human like though :3

And not too complex..
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Hmm.. I think I want some sort of like anime like. But human looking :3 I don't know how to put this.

I want something that looks like people not robot thats what Im trying to say :3

@vermine No thanks :3
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Is there anyone else doing this? Oh and please post your WIP :3 Thanks
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i can do something for u, but i like using a white/black/grey background with markings on top, would that work? and srry, but i cant really help u with the head, im not good at 'human'. and u said lots of tribal-ish-ness right?
and im broke right now, so i cant get it to u immediatly, unless u sendme the creds 1st, but i dont think thats gonna hapen

and OMG, i just notced, nice one on the tourny dude *(knuckle touch)*
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Err Just do.. Im looking for a perma set... and I thought more people will do it for the prize...
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Sweet job :3 Keep it coming Thanks for starting.. I was beginning to worry that someone won't do it u_u
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