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learn pro moves, and learn what makes them pro. if you study a noob move, you stay a noob. if you study a pro move, you become pro. simple logic.

wen i think about it, he is right, i dont remember the last time i used noob clap, rofl then again, i dont think i ever did besides in the tutorial/fight school
(im 8th dan)
my best move is number one press c step 2 noob clap (put both pecs on contrac and arms on let go)

hit contact on lubar then press space 2 times

have the shoulders lowand wrist on contract

put them on extend and press pe

and now whatch fly up in the air and squash his ouny head (note you must be on demonToribahs
Every single player have his own, unique moves. If you want to be good player, find your own style, try to combine techniques.
I'll advice you playing more at aikido.
In aikido you have to be ready all the time for impro. Dojo is small, you have to be ready for shovel or lift, so be near on the ground as low as you can (and you feel safe to not dq yourself).

I hope this post will be helpful and sry for my terrible english
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