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The Report Button
Hey there, I'm here to educate you all on the report button. Not that you don't know what it does, but more of when to use it. First off, if you THINK something is bad, report it. If you make a mistaken report, you will not get in trouble. On the other hand, don't waste our time with nonsense reports. You'd be surprised at how many older people here don't know when to report something.

The report button can be used for spam reports, reporting racism, even asking for your thread to be closed. It can also be used in clan boards for unwanted visitors, porn, and anything else that you think a moderator needs to see or deal with. The report button is not just for spam, you can literally use it for almost anything a moderator needs to see.

Now, on the other hand, you should not use the report button for personal questions like "How do I get toricredits fast?". You should also not use the report button for problems like hacking. "Help I got hacked" and the likes. If you need help with these things, simply click someone that has a blue or red name, and send a personal message to them regarding the issue.

If you feel someone is doing something a moderator should know about, for example illegally bumping a thread. Remember just use the report button. By quoting the rules at the person you are then breaking the rules yourself. The report button is there so you do not have to do this.

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Nice summery thar Kit.

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I've never actually used the report button before. But that's all about to change...
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Kitfox, mind putting a [HOW-TO] Tag on that title? It would make it easier to navigate.

Also, I plan on making another tutorial.
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Maybe you should mention something about avoiding stating the rules yourself just using the report button. This might help stop some back seat modding.
Anyway, make sure you use this, dont shout at people or rage on the internet, or try explain it to them, just report, and move on. Also, don't assume that someone else will report the rule breaker you encounter, always report posts that break the rules so that mods can do their job.
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