im getting tired of Burger he needs to drop out or something cause it really does'nt take that long to make a probally sucks anyway :'D
You know what, i hate flames. (makes my computer slow)
Im not a fan of flames.
The FINAL PRIZE - 5 flames and forces.

Now this is the rules for now on-
-no spamming (just in case)
-BLUE sets
-Can or can't be a premade set
-Be fast -.-
-And at least show a preview of your work
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Hmmm, maybe make into tribal?

New desire
-Human head with spikey black hair with blue highlights on edges, fists and headphones.
Should match the set.

Melo- More details i mean
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Witedevil, I would advise you to respond to my verification request before you proceed further with this.

Thread closed till further notice.


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