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Attack Kitty!!!! (its the same one but this is for easyer comparing.) (like yo need to,WeRd Pwns ALL)

my computer crashed and my ultra awesome head which i spent like 3 hours on was deleted

meh i don't have luck.

no wait

i had luck today!
i was late but so was the teacher :O luck ftw

but anyways i hate myself because the cat head disappeared :|
it was liek totally awesome!
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I also got a wild idea- a head from your av with a pixelated cat in the link hat with "I'm link" on the back. Cat meme head. :^D
Mah smiley has a nose.
<3 MBK :D
my last attempt

cayal def has me beat

Edit- i guess making it bigger makes the pixels look funny. o well u can get the idea tho
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