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hey i wana join under any teacher
tough i won a few tourneys i still need training

So you wanna be a student? Ask any Trainer to help you.
You don't necessarily choose a certain trainer, any one of us can help you. Feel free to make a thread in the social group if you ever needed any help with stuff.
relieve my heart of malice
put me trainer (if there are any MORE slots left)
or put me student... i need some tips on offence other than that i am GrEaT at defence
hi cn i be student plz
i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
<DeadorK> fair maiden
<DeadorK> if the cum is going to be in your mouth
<DeadorK> it shall be in mine as well
Hehe... Yeah sure, you can be my student. Fees are 500k per 30 secs, 1000k if you wann me to talk