Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle

My work.
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Epic art is epic.
Serios Waffle.

SlipAnc was here.~HurrDurr
FUCKER! it loaded your old head dammit!!!!!!!!!

anywhere here it is:

What you think.

Also man I'm Sorry but I cant allow you to wear that head. It looks to much like mine. the only thing change is the eye and the colour. Get a new head thats completely original, Not built off mine.
<Jaker> fucking yes , the black anal fetish fetus , :-* love ya .. btw i love how your teehts are touching my *PIEP* when you do a blowjob <3
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OH MAN!!! PLEASE!! LET ME USE IT.... I MAKE SOME CHANGES IF YOU WANT... BUT PLEASE... I'LL GIVE YOU CREDIT... AND ALSO IF YOU WANT I CAN PAY FOR IT... CUZ IT IS AWSOME!! But the avy is my old one lol... Its nice.. But.. Not that man ^^