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Guys, it's been three weeks. If you wanted to participate, you've certainly had plenty of opportunity...


i thought so

dont try scare away the compotition and i have worked on something LOOK A FEW PAGES BACk

besides we arnt the only ones redoing ours.
hanz0:Very well done. These annoy me much less than the default smilies we've got right now.
Well Alpha is sure taking his time xD. I mean everyone has been repeatedly posting their works over and over again. while Alpha can take his time and everyone has to wait.
I guess he is good and it is YOUR request and YOU would like to wait but i think its a tiny bit Unfair.

Just posting my thoughts. No offence
My heart just wouldn't be in it, you know? haven't got one.
It's not unfair. I didn't did anything I said I wouldn't. That means, I said, I'll wait until the last one post, until he don't post, I won't choose. So, think twice before posting please. Also, I'm PM'ing him.

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This are the ones that I liked most. Sorry for all the time that took to answer. I'm asking everyone that I can in what's best. GImme in max one more day.