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Best thing to do, is try out moves, If you think they are good enough to defeat somone, try versing Uke in the tutorial! If you defeat Uke, the move owns But really, Try your best to come up, experiment a bit! Pretty soon youll be destroying everyone
Thats what the noob rooms are for dude.. if noobs join, just consider it as a chance to show off xD
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Thats what the noob rooms are for dude.. if noobs join, just consider it as a chance to show off xD

Uh, that has nothing to do with getting good at the game.
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My favorite deference move its to contact knee, extend leg, and extend ankle.whether you extend or contract your leg depends on what position your glute is in. -Graboy
I wouldn't say I am a professional at toribash but I know that when you raise you arm it moves you forward and lowering your arms moves you back. Keep that tip in your head because balance means everything.

- Good Luck!
THE BEST THING TO DO IN TORIBASH MULTIPLAYER IMO is to know the physics of the game and the movements of each joint. that way you can easily predict what your ghost will do before you change the joint, and not wasting time. Also as you rise through the ranks youll become faster at clicking joints so it helps with fast reactiontimes.

In singleplayer you should watch pro's replays first, adapt your own style then develop from there.

also there are many things i didnt cover, so be sure to visit the tutorial section. if you would like, i could link my tutorial here?
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the thing is, there is no way to quote un-quote "be good".

there isn't some magic move that beats everything. There's thousands of moves and that's what keeps the game interesting.

I don't know if it still exists, but there used to be a huge list of moves on a tori wiki. I used that alot when I was a new player. I've been playing for almost 2 years and I still haven't gotten it. Just, be patient.
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There is a simple word that you need to learn my friend. Practice, Practice and Practice.
Meet new people, ask question if you have any doubts, participate in tourneys, get in a clan.....blah...blah...blah....etc
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Grabbing is very powerful I maked a move and I think it willl help you some if it can:
Extend Ankles
Contract All Pecs
Make your hands grab
Lower All your Shoulders
Contract all your knees
Contract all Hips
Extend Knees
Raise Shoulders
Contract Knees
Lower all shoulders
extend all knees
Lower Shoulders
Contract Knees