There isn't one, there are only effective moves in certain situations, some have a wider spectrum of effectiveness.

I like this one for beginners:

1st turn:
Press C
Contract both pecs
Grip both hands
Rotate Chest to the right
Rotate lumbar to the right
Extend both glutes
extend left hip
contract right hip

That's it.
There is no move that makes it impossible to dm you in judo. The thing with judo is that it is impossible to know what opener the opponent will use. In many other mods you can counter what you see is coming.
Contract both pecs. It is known as the "noob clap" but it is one of the most versatile moves in the game.
It depends. Judo is 80% luck so there's no opener that works all the time. Get some variation into the game and I guess you'll do just fine
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if we were to tell you the strongest move, it wouldnt be the strongest move anymore

but i would try a grab and run technique , makes matchs less lucky
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