breaking body parts at the start depends entirely on the combination of your move and your opponents move. different parts will be hit depending on the openers performed
Disclaimer I am not a pro by any means, I just managed to fall on a black belt and play a lot of Judo.
Honestly I have seen one or two amazing judo moves, but over all?
The clap seems to be the move with the least risk of losing a body part on the start. You can also elevate that move and mess with till you find a way that sets you up for a good second move. Nearly any other move is a chance, kinda like rock paper scissors that you are going to lose limbs.

The best strategy in Judo is to work out a variety of moves as nearly all moves have a counter, so if I can guess your opener? Well then I am more likely to rip pieces off you.
Now without trying to sound pretentious giving you a list of moves, is ultimately not going to help much. There are moves you can search on these forums but they are extremely over used. Your best plan of action is to join a few social rooms, I myself often make a Judo room just to mess about in. Watch what other players are doing and try and emulate it against Uke.

I am not sure how new you are but here thsis may help any new players reading it.101 training on Uke. In free play....

Type /lm judo.tbm
Set up your move.
Then by click on Uke, you can set up the dummies opener too.
This will enable you to test how your new creation would work against say a clap, a kick etc

A simple opener this move can on occasion remove an arm and usually grabs the opponent. It is how ever far from a great move, it is likely to get you dismembered or your leg trapped. So why post it then? It contains the basics of a kick which one can play with to turn into flips, power kicks and more. When I started I didn't know how to get a decent kick going at all, so there you have it.

Left hand grab
Hold left shoulder
Left bend lumbar
extend left glute
contract left hip
extending right hip
extending right knee
contracting right ankle

I am sure most of this is far to basic for you, but you did post in the beginner sanctuary so maybe some other new player will happen upon it.
There's no move that will definatly get a decap since you can't predict what the other player will do.
here's a move of mine that aims straight for the little corner between the shoulder and the neck

extend neck
hold both shoulders
contract both elbows
hold left wrist,extend right wrist
contract left pec,extend right pec
right rotating chest
right bending lumbar
extend abs
contract left hip,hold right hip
contract left glute,extend right glute
contract left knee,extend right knee
contract both ankles

you can choose between no grab or left hand grab,try it out and tell me what you think ;)

edit:as you see this is a more advanced move,but again its not even close to the strongest moves,as it lets you opened from your right side,so the best "skill" you can have is reaction on outcome.

edit2:oh and also with a bit of adjustments,this works on noobclap too,but im gonna let you find this alone ;)
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Gadasara: If you really want to be able to own the opponent every single time I suggest you to try out other mods where it is easier to predict the opponents movements such as aikido. Lower turnframe rate makes it more skill. Wushu is also a mod where you can predict what the opponent is going to do. Odlov is a good example of that wushu involves great skill.

Judo has 70 turnframes, which makes it impossible to know where the opponent is aiming unless you study each players moves and predict what that player is going to do. I did that like one year ago, worked fine until skilled players with many different moves joined OR when new players came.
it really depends on both players style of fighting and if they clash or not.. using the same move a million times and people will just get sick of it and leave so its up to you..