ToriCombat League
Consider it done.
Rough Sketch:

Eyes are not done yet, they are just guidelines
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I'm Tasty and I know it.
I like Rocks.

WIP 1 its about 10% done what do you want changed and added here?

I'm gonna add asymmetry obviously and yeah I might add the mask from example 2 and the neck thing from example 1 currently I used example 3 as a reference
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Wanna play some [CHESS]? <3
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You just stole the reference pic. I could even do that.

Lookin good, cerberus and josh.
fl0w. Logo Designer, PM me.
^I like it so far. Looking forward to the finished product.
fl0w. Logo Designer, PM me.
Hey im on it !
here is my final project


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