Hmm that's what I've done in 5 minutes. Just rotating a pic that I made before, and putting it onto uke.

looks a bit dark. It's just a base, just as this:

was base to my current set.

If you like it I'll resume work, if you would like something more bright - I'll do something brighter.

Good that you like chineese designs .
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Sure, that's no problem. I already gathered some things that could help - Chinese signs for exampe, and I'd surely could, and would put your name in front and back as I have it. S on hand A on triceps S on biceps H on head, A on second biceps L on second triceps and L on second hand. I think You'd like it.
And probably some smack-talk text on your legs;p.
deady: "Sahee (...) you bitter Pollock (...)"
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Good, I plan on trying.

Edit: I will be sitting out on this one actually.
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hmm I tried to base it on:

as you said you want something Chinese, and I have that pic on me nao, so what do you think, Sashall?:
(another base)

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