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Very nice ronalds. Imo there should be a belt order there somewhere.
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Originally Posted by Splunker
...i cant just sit and watch the clan i made and payed for just die in my face it hurts...

He's seriously banned? ._.
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If i was really banned my avatar wouldn't be showing.

Originally Posted by Daxx777 View Post
is the reason that u quadrouple posted because u can only put a max number of words per post?

There is a maximum of ten thousand characters per post, this was over 30 thousand characters, so it had to be spread over 4 posts.
great tutorial. very nice thing to do.
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[21:20] <blkk> what does fap mean?
Hehe, nah, he's not banned, i just changed his user title :P
on a serious note, though: Very good work.
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I was disgusted to find that there has been a new tool added to the forums for mods which meant i would have to add some more onto the fourth post. It's done nevertheless.
ronalds deserves texture trails for this, he wanted those for a while

also, i was gonna help, but i lost the txt file with the guide in it

*gladly receives prize of epic fails, and gets shot*

srsly tho, txtr trls
Great job you did there!

Something I want to know is where did the Memberlist go? I can't seem to find it anywhere =/
that would have taken ages man, good job. now i dont think newbies should post any forum questions :P
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