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Very nice ronalds. Imo there should be a belt order there somewhere.

I sneakily added a link to the belt oreder page in a paragraph

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Great job you did there!

Something I want to know is where did the Memberlist go? I can't seem to find it anywhere =/

I put a link to the members list in the 'forum people' section of the forums.
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Quit being so critical, people. He was at least nice enough to make a list.

Thanks for trying to stick up for me, but i really don't mind, I am happy knowing that it is an already excellent guide, but if people would like to suggest things i could do to make it better I am happy
i moved this from tutorials to discussion so that more people read it (nobody ever visits tutorials )
Might wanna add "search" to the lingo section. Seems enough people don't know what they are. It is a ways down before it is mentioned, and might need a mention further up. Other than that... Šamn. Good job, like woah.
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