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.::Giving Away Items::.

Hi, my name is iShyion and i will giveaway all the items in my deactivated.
Kyle/Detailed will help me donating a lot of items.
  • My deac: iShyion - Empty
  • Detailed's deac: See post below.
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From now, detailed's would take control of those giveaway items.
I'll take a shift for the moment.

I hereby declare that possesion are fully controlled by detailed's.

Weekly Prize

  • One person per items.
  • Mention any items you'd want to claim.
  • If someone else are already mention selected item you choose before you, its his/hers.
  • No spam or arguing post.
  • Items will be updated whenever we have sufficient stock.
  • Don't use PM to ask the items.
  • Wait after 1 weeks if you want to claim item again.
  • Please don't ask any items outside the giveaway sets.
  • We only send roughly 100-200 items per day to prevent any market usage limit exceeded.
    So if you don't received yours, better wait next day.

If you violate those rules purposely, you'll end up in ban list temporaly or permanently incase you were in serious offence.

Ban List

Have fun.
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Well, i'd like the noxious relax (and a head texture, maybe) if you are truly just handing stuff off.

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goodbye cruel world
noxious relax please or Head texture i really do not mind
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Second post updated.
You don't have to apply or even participate.
Just read it carefully.
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Aqua Hair please

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Are you giving away the Aqua force? Because if so, I would very much like that please.

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beetle force pls