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[req]200k freestyle texture request
hey everyone,

it's me...again yeah I know...I'm a texture whore >.>
but I am on the search for the perfect texture...hopefully I will find it here.
mkay so...what I want is freestyle NON-SYMETRICAL textures this means every
side of the texture is different and it's not the same...and by freestyle I mean
you can do any kind of texture you want robotic,abstract,armour etc.
the colors I want for the textures are as followed, I want the texture to consist
of mainly Demon,Typhoon,pure and elf ANY colors can be added as extras.
If I find out one texture is the same I have the legal right to have my money back.
I as a buyer am expecting some of your best work.
the deadline will be October 5th that is in 20 days.
the artist I buy from will be given 200k as a reward

good luck to all participants
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Ffs, Right now i wish i was actually able to use photoshop.
Good luck to everyone.
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I have the exact opposite problem... I know photoshop reallllly well... but don't have the time for these kinds of requests. Wish I did though, 200k!

Hmm... I'll have to see if I can make the time for it... 20 days is a pretty good amount of time.
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Yeah, definitely a good idea.

It is my humble and most entirely correct opinion that quality is directly proportional to time... lol.
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of course ud get great artists atention this is 200k up for grabs here

i believe im still in training and i dont have the skill

so GL i hope alot of great artist come to ur thread
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I definitely think about doing it. That price is high enough to let me afford my own textures at last ;)
im so doing this i dont care if hanz0 or bendover or one of them is doing it im trying for this much

ok u said non symetrical so it was hard to get rid of the split in the back of the head, srry but what do u think, this is just a quick outline i drew up in a couple minutes