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you sound exactly like me, "here's a shit rusty trick thing untill i post something parkour related" been like that for 4 years with me now LUL

this is totaly constructive criticism. plz no hurt pusga
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i'm doing parkour again xioi

just a really simple parkour to warm up to where I used to be
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
Thanks dude, I still feel rusty as all hell. I'm working on a new map so I'll post that here once I'm done
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
Wowzer I just made a mess in my trousers

That parkour was awesome man, you've got realism locked down for sure!

The only thing that didn't look quite right was the roll down the hill (imo).

I really liked how you changed directions with your run so fluidly, teach me your ways lmao.

you gotta catch me ingame first :P

bump. i'll be back.
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
hi again, still very slow with the replays and very rusty, but i'm back again. tried a no edit and did three attempts before I finally got somewhere
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
some tricking to calm the hoards of people commenting on my thread
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
overall the replay keeps really nice pace and everything. just at times there's wasted potential and it makes some stuff look awkward. also there's some instances where your lumbar bends oddly and it looks pretty bad. It's kind of nitpicking but it still shows quite a bit. For example at the start in the opener your lumbar bends right pretty hard for pretty long. i like the step you take into the cheat setup, its quite dynamic. however the cheat setup itself was pretty off axis and your arms weren't in sync with the rest of your body the whole time. you don't use your neck, which i feel can really add to a replay. the trick you do out of the landing however, is my favourite in the whole replay. the whole thing is in sync, aesthetically pleasing, and well spun. the trick out of that though is a bit odd because of how bent your knee is and that its a toe punt. bkick is a bit low but looks nice. the scoot and the swing through are kind of odd though as your abs stay extended most of the time and your planted leg is pretty bent, as well as you being bent pretty hard to the left. also, your chest rotates too soon in the swing through. overall, most of the criticism i have is pretty minor and stylistic i guess. you've been around for a long time and you already have one so don't take this too seriously. one tip i can give though is that keeping your lumbar straight and your knees more extended than contracted usually makes stuff look cleaner. hope this sates your need for cnc.
epoch#4209 - replays
since epoch already did a brief sum up, i'll go into more detail. i'll also leave a frame of note where I think you can either see how bad the tori looks, or just around when you should edit it to save your replay.

in the opener you bend your lumbar right to step out, which is fine. But when you start to generate some momentum, its still bent right nearly fully and it cant quite catch up. This looks bad, and loses you a ton of momentum. The fix would've been to simply start left bending a turn before you rotate chest and extend the hip to spin. Fixing this will make your tori more harmonious, faster, AND looking better. (Frame of note 1460)

further more I think BOTH knees contracted too far in your opener. Your step feels awkward because while you're performing a big hook, your foot isn't even close to planted yet. It makes your hook feel smaller than it is, and lets be honest, it doesn't make much sense. (Frame of note 1410)

The setup into the cheat is textbook. You generate the momentum really well to step out into the cheat, however, your entire core freezes when it centralizes to make pivoting onto the leg easier. This is fine, and how most players do it. But it really goes a long way to keep the rotation on the chest going a bit further, and then rotate the chest back to center right before you swing the leg up.
(Frame of note 1360)

Now we run into the first REAL issue. This is just a missed opportunity. Blunder. Your arms are out of sync in the cheat. And not just that, the legs are poorly timed because of it too. Your right arms drags far behind the left arm.
Your planted leg is fully extended before the arms are even half way up. This loses massive amounts of momentum, and just looks very bad. This is an easy mistake to make as you start the swing when you want to start generating momentum, but the fix to it is simple. START RAISING YOUR ARMS EARLIER IF YOUR LEGS WILL SUFFER FROM THE ARMS BEING LATE.
look at frame 1330, your arms should be halfway up here already if you want to extend that back knee.

While the actual amount of spin you get isn't the problem, why does your lumbar bend right in the air? It doesn't make sense and looks terrible. imo contracting the knee to generate your spin is also a bad idea unless you're going to use that knee for a cool hook or kick later on. (Frame of note 1310 here its still fine, then forward to frame 1320...)

Your landing is great though. I very much agree with epoch that the trick that comes from it is the best in the replay. My only gripe with it is that your legs are really awkward and I believe one should have slightly extended for more natural movement (Frame of note 1180)

The next trick is a mixed bag. While its kind of cool, the setup is not very pleasing (Frame of note 1120) only from frame 1100 does your tori look decent again. I don't think the weird setup would've been a bad thing if the payoff was good, since its a pretty creative combo. You generate enough height, but your conversion to spin was terrible you could've easily had double the spin. (Frame of note 1075) this tuck is really bad. extended abs when your hip is still contracted glutes contract before the hips are ready, chest is poorly used. I would edit the replay from here. This trick is really where the replay crumbled imo (if not already at the cheat)

since this is already getting long im gonna go over the rest of the tricks briefly

frame 1020, your ankle dies here for no reason it doesnt look good.
frame 1010, your lumbar dies for no reason.
frame 970, only one of your 4 limbs is actually helping generate momentum for this bkick, no wonder you struggle with landing.
frame 910, waaaay premature knee contraction on the scoot, abs have no reason to be extended instead of your hip extending.
frame 900, abs are fully extended which always looks horrid and locks you
frame 870, here is where you pay for extending your abs, you lose all momentum and the angle you're getting is weak
frame 850, way too tilted
frame 840, lumbar dying for no reason again
the rest of the cork speaks for itself...

good pose at the end tho

overall not a horrible replay, you get a decent amount of speed and you're getting combos off. form dies way too often, which honestly is usually not that big of a deal, but in your case i think that is what leads you to break your tricks way too often. 6/10
basically a beyblade that can jump.
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